Tobo Lab

Tobo is always on top of the latest trends and research. Our lab allows us to share our unique expertise with various stakeholders in our community. Tobo meticulously analyzes, develops, tests, and supports the creation of youth projects for the digital market.


  • Market Studies
  • Comparable Analysis
  • Data Analysis

Tests & Marketing

  • Focus Groups
  • User Testing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Community Management
  • Search Engine Optimization


  • Digital Strategies
  • Monetization Strategies
Tested with Kids

Tested with Kids

Tobo regularly organizes testing sessions with its favourite people: kids! Observation reports, interviews, and recommendations allow us to create the best user experiences for each of our projects!

User Centric

User Centric

Tobo interacts with young users in a variety of places including events for kids and their families, schools and day cares, and even in their homes! Users are at the core of our creations.

MiniHackathon Tobo

MiniHackathon Tobo

The MiniHackathon is a digital co-creation lab with and for children ages 9 to 12. Over the course of two days, we bring kids together to participate in a junior-version of a hackathon, specifically designed for them. The goal of this collective process, uniting mini designers and “less mini” creators, is to conceive and prototype three drafts of a cultural mobile application intended for kids. This fun application that aims to stimulate children’s cultural consumption will be subsequently developed by the Tobo digital studio.

The children’s actual prototypes will be presented during the 2016 Journées de la culture. The MiniHackathon is organized by Tobo, in partnership with Culture pour tous, Journées de la culture, TéléQuébec, La Fabrique Culturelle, Mu, Yu Centrik and La Vitrine Culturelle.


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