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Throughout Season 1 & 2, Jenny came alive on digital platforms with her social media accounts and personal blog to share her leukemia and then her recovery to both physical and emotional healing. For season 3, Jenny thinks about her life afterwards. She learns to live with mourning (especially her lover, but also with everyday mourning such as that of dancing, of the career she imagined ...). She makes obstacles that she has experienced into a force, she opens up to others and goes out to meet them. She makes the choice of sharing and mutual aid. 

Jenny's digital system for Season 3 is divided into 3 main parts:

  • the deployment of more than 100 exclusive content, which will take place on websites and social networks and this year Jenny makes her debut on Tik Tok!

  • the #defijenny: Like the Smiles and Emotions challenges of Seasons 1 and 2, Season 3 has a new challenge. To remember that we all have hardships to overcome in life, the challenge centers on whether anyone can overcome them whether they are big or small.

  • a major communication campaign, with exclusive Facebook Live events and partnerships with influencers


Excellence Award Youth Media Alliance 2022

Finalist Prix Gémeaux 2021

Excellence Award Youth Media Alliance 2020


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